T-mobile to ship Google Android tablet and home phone

According to The New York Times, T-Mobile are to release a home phone and tablet in 2010 that will run on Google Android.

The New York Times says that the information is ‘according to confidential documents obtained from one of the company’s partners’.

The home phone ‘will plug into a docking station and come with another device that handles data synchronization as it recharges the phone’s battery’.

There isn’t a lot known about the tablet but the confidential documents say that it will be a 7-inch touchscreen laptop with no keyboard. It will ‘handle basic computing jobs like checking the weather or managing data across a variety of devices in the home,’ reports the NYT.

Verizon have taken similar steps by confirming that they will ship a 3G-enabled netbook.

Source: [Gizmodo via The New York Times]

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