SpaceTop 3D transparent computer unveiled at TED 2013

At TED 2013 in LA, a transparent computer has been revealed which could shake up the way we create and design.

A user sits in front of what looks like a traditional PC monitor, and place their hands beyond and behind the screen to scroll and type. Users can then lift their hands up to reach the virtual 3D elements and directly manipulate them with their hands.

The SpaceTop 3D computer, which is a collaboration with Microsoft, works thanks to cameras which monitor the user’s movements as well as their head positioning and eye movements.

The BBC spoke to TED fellow Jinha Lee who has been working on the machine, and who can see it being used in the industry within ten years.

“The gap between what the designer thinks and what the computer can do is huge. If you can put your hands inside the computer and handle digital content you can express ideas more completely,” he said.

I can imagine the scene if Ghost was to be filmed in ten years’ time… Demi Moore sat in front of one of these machines moulding a pottery vase while the 3D printer next to her prints it out. But let’s not get started on what Swayze would be doing.

Check out the full story and video on the BBC here.

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