Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 expires

The UK will not be seeing Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X2. The deal with Vodafone for exclusive rights has fallen through and SE doesn’t appear to be planning any other deals. The phone will be available in other countries.

This is quite a blow for the company because the X2 was planned to be a high end competitor for Apple’s iPhone but targeted at the corporate market using Windows Mobile 6.5. The official excuse is that Vodafone says “it no longer fits within their planned portfolio” but rumours of software problems have been floating around.

This will leave SE’s X10, based on Google Android, as the top model in the UK market when it becomes available in February and must be seen as a blow for Microsoft and it’s WM 6.5.

Will this make SE think twice before developing another Windows-based phone? If it can’t release a phone aimed at multinational companies across the globe, it will miss out on businesses that want to standardise on one model. In any case it is unlikely we’ll see another Windows-based phone until Windows Mobile 7 is released.

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I’m certainly amazed to see how advantageous a lot of these test windows 7 for phone seem to be; but I’m glad to see it.I mean, what functions this windows OS for mobile has greater than apple ...I mean the real question must be what's going to be on the mind of early adopters (I am seriously considering being part of that group) is going to be when we might start to see software updates that will fill in some of the gaps that people are already droning on about; and whether or not we’ll be able to update the first generation devices to those new software versions.