Skype free on Three

skype.gifI just recieved a message on my mobile encouraging me to use Skype calling because ‘it’s completely free and easy’.

This makes me wonder, why are they encouraging me to use Skype as oppose to making calls on their network?

I’ve downloaded the app and will give it a try with my brother later today hopefully.

Don’t get me wrong, I think VOIP will replace mobile networks but now they are sending me messages to speed up their death. Strange.

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I've been using Skype on the Iphone for about 1 month now and I really, to be honest used it to see what the fuss is all about and I have to admit, I rather like it. I do agree with you why a phone company would publish this service when if you made calls and sent text message they would benefit from it: S Have to be able to have a look at Skype? What are your thoughts?
Skype is quite interesting when it comes to saving costs on cell charges. It leverages your Wi-Fi to do voice and if you can do this with a Wi-Fi Mobile device, you are making free calls to other Skype users. There are also ways to call real phone numbers for mere pennies compared to traditional cellular services. If you take the time to setup and learn about Skype and make use of the the Wi-Fi Hotspots and even your own accessible home and business networks, you are going to cut your voice communications bill by a conservative factor of 5. Instead of paying $50/month, your are paying $10 for example. And if your current sphere (friends, etc.) start to use Skype over Wi-Fi, you are paying $0. As far as cell phone companies go. Not sure what they will be able to do. Access to the Internet will become free more often than not. You will consume other services, like coffee at Starbucks and in exchange, you get free Wi-Fi, free calling. It will be interesting to see what this decade will do with this technology. In any event, check it out.
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