Review: Samsung 700T running Windows 8


Released in 2011, the Samsung 700T is effectively a full-blown 11.6 inch touch-screen PC without a keyboard, which is currently selling on Amazon for £766.

Computer Weekly’s technology editor, Cliff Saran, got his hands on one of these powerful devices at the TechEd developer’s conference and has written a review of how well it runs Windows 8 on his Enterprise blog. Read on for a taster of what he thought…
Windows is likely to remain king of the enterprise desktop laptop and PC market for the foreseeable future, but how well can it run on a tablet?
In terms of spec, it is powered by an Intel Core i5 2467M 1.6GHz, and has 4 GBytes of RAM and a 64 GByte solid state disk. The screen looks amazing. With a bluetooth keyboard and wireless mouse, the Samsung 700T can easily replace a notebook PC – the elegant docking station, that measures 11 x 10 x 1.5cm and doubles as a stand, has an Ethernet connector and HDMI port.
The device is well-suited to running the final shipping version of Windows 8, with its touch-screen user interface. As expected, thanks to Microsoft ActiveSync, connecting the Samsung 700T to an Exchange email server takes a matter of seconds, which should not burden the IT support desk. It requires a Windows Live account and connects seamlessly to Hotmail and Gmail.
There are not yet enough applications in the Microsoft Store… no YouTube, Dropbox, no security apps, VPN apps or even BBC iPlayer. Hopefully this changes when Windows 8 ships.
Read the full post on Cliff Saran’s Enterprise blog.
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