Review: Fanny Wang - On Ear Wangs Headphones. Are They More Than Just An Amusing Name?


Well, well, well, where to start? These headphones provide a minefield full of innuendos, which, I may add, I am keen to avoid.  
When I was offered these earphones I was very sceptical as to whether the person who emailed me was actually winding me up, a quick Google search reassured me they weren’t. 
Fanny Wang state that they offer premium headphones designed to celebrate the beauty of music on the outside as well as the inside. Whether ‘humorous ice-breaker’ was also included on their mission statement I am unsure but I feel they do offer that too. 
Discovering that the On Ear Wangs cost around £132 may put a stop the immature giggling and get you pondering on why they are quite pricey. I think I can shed some light on that. 
Parts of these headphones look more expensive than others, namely the actual ear cups. 
The matte black cups are simply decorated, featuring only a red border and the Fanny Wang signature. 
The leather-like material covering the earmuffs not only looks nice, it is as spongy and springy as a marshmallow. 
The ear cups are connected via a ball and socket joint, making them extremely adjustable and adding further to the comfort factor. 
Unfortunately, the outer casing is not as stylish as the ear cups. The glossy plastic may feel sturdy but it’s decorated with a pattern that looks like the tracks a tractor leaves in the dirt. 
Thankfully the inside of the headband follows suit with the ear cups and not the outer casing. The lower third is the same matte black, interrupted only by a red letter indicating which way round the headphones should be worn.
100_0099.JPGThen there is a silver hinge either side, which is where the On Ear Wangs fold (for easier storage); again the signature appears on both of these. 
Once folded the On Ear Wangs slide nicely into a fluffy carry sack that is kindly supplied with the headphones. I’m not making this up, honest, it has drawstrings. There’s also a picture at the end of the post.
The silver hinges are also where the length of the headband can be adjusted. Once opened to full length a piece of autographed metal is revealed. Fanny Wang must have really sore wrists, signing each headphone six times.
The mechanism that alters the length of the headband is rather noisy and not particularity strong. A slight nudge or pull can mess up your carefully measured adjustment. 
Additionally, the inclusion of the metalwork adds to the overall feel of a quality and long-lasting product. And if they don’t turn out to be long lasting Fanny Wang offers you a two-year warranty.
As for the actual headstrap, the thickness of the band and the strategically placed padding means you can barely feel them over your head once they are on. 
These headphones are also available in red and white for those out there who are fashion conscious enough to match their headphones with their outfit. 
Fanny Wang.jpg
Before I move on to the sound quality, I would like to praise a couple of things.
Firstly, the removable anti-tangle cable is a very considered inclusion. If it breaks it means you only need replace the cable rather than go out and buy a whole new set of headphones. 


Secondly, the duo jack, which has led Fanny Wang to declare these the first social headphones, was an idea I was going to take on Dragons Den. I probably won’t bother now though. 
The duo jack is gold plated, just as the other cable connections are, offering an improved connection and sound clarity. 
These are some of the loudest headphones I have had the pleasure of testing and not just that, there was very little compromise in the quality as the sound increased. A true sign of good pair of head or earphones. 
The earmuffs also do their job, as well as keeping noise out they also help to keep the music on course to your ears. 
It just so happened I needed to cut my grass the other day and I had the idea of pitting the On Ear Wangs against my noisy petrol lawnmower. Hands down the On Ear Wangs won in the battle of sound. 
The sound that these headphones are capable of comes down to the 40mm custom paired titanium plated drivers buried inside them. The drivers add bite to the bass without overpowering the song as a whole. 
In terms of musical delivery and performance, they are a country mile ahead of any other on ear headphones I’ve used. But, and it’s a big but, I haven’t yet had the pleasure of wearing a pair of Beats by Dr Dre, which are currently being hailed as the best in the market. 
Frequent readers will know I am a fan of in-ear earphones, specifically Sennheiser’s, but the On Ear Wangs began to convert me as well leading me to reconsider my personal preference.
It’s unfair to compare them to in ear earphone but I’m still going to say that, apart from the IE 8i’s, they blow all of the others out of the water. I can now see why they are £132, because they are at least three times better than the Sennheiser Adidas HD220’s I tested. 
I’ll admit, at first, I wasn’t completely comfortable putting Wangs on my ears but the style, finesse and all round musical experience that these headphones bring to the table soon makes you forget all about the silly name.