Put the hoodoo on IE with voodoo

It’s good to read IBM, Sun and Oracle join EC in anti-monopoly case against Microsoft
but the growing throng of browser complainants should ensure that the EC is aware of the Microsoft Internet Explorer tie-ins.
IE Voodoo.jpg
It’s tiring to have to load IE just to get ActiveX content, especially when it’s for an essential service like Microsoft Update. Users of Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and any other third-party browsers should be able to access any site on the Internet without having to switch.

It would be a shame if the EC penalises Microsoft and leaves this loophole unplugged. To help the cause of creating a level browsing field you could contribute by stooping to voodoo.

Internet site DeviantArt has instructions by artist Chisa for an IE logo voodoo doll. It only takes about an hour at the most to create and will give hours of fun sticking it to Microsoft in the privacy of your own home. As a stress reliever, its also a great past time for idle moments in the recession.

Thanks to TFTS for the pointer (and the pinned E logo) and especially to Teresa (Chisa) Watts for the project.