Orange and T-Mobile now share networks

Everything Everywhere logo.jpgA tip of the hat to fellow tech journalist and blogger Gary Marshall for this one. 

Mobile monoliths Orange and T-Mobile merged back in July. The rebranding convoy is still rumbling into life and before too soon whether you’re on T-Mobile or Orange, you’ll be on the new super-network “Everything Everywhere” – which is a nice thought. 
One clear sign came yesterday, when it was announced that customers are now able to take practical advantage of the merger. Whether you’re on Orange or T-Mobile, you can now use either network to make calls or send texts. Mobile data should come later. To enable the feature you’ll need to sign up with your provider to switch on roaming first.
If you’re on Orange sign up here. 
If you’re on T-Mobile sign up here.
And enjoy a new world order with more bars on your moby.