Orange Users Can Now Tweet by SMS

Orange are the latest UK mobile operator to strike a deal with Twitter, following the lead of Vodafone and O2.  You can now receive updates from the service by SMS – and send Tweets by text message too – if you use the provider. Not only that but they’ve enabled picture messaging too, which is apparently a bit of a first.  So, hurrah for that.
Fun fact: Twitter was first conceived as an SMS messaging service, not the online, real-time, instant messenger that it’s become. In Europe, at least, this ambition was thwarted by the fact that our mobile operators charge for SMS transit – so Twitter were unable to extend the free service they launched in the USA to our shores. Put that in your next pub quiz.
Alas, I wasn’t alerted to the Orange deal by a press release or even the message that now greets Twitter users when they log directly into the site.  No – I was woken up this morning at 2 AM by a text message from @goodbyebuddy, the Twitter service that tells you when someone’s unfollowed you. So, thanks for that @MediaAsia. No longer will you be able to enjoy my often sweary  micro-thoughts on obscure 80s goth bands or my pithy mini-reviews of cancelled American TV shows.  I’m sorry I didn’t follow you back, but I wasn’t all that interested in the new Chupa Chups marketing campaign or which TV channel has secured Premier League football rights. In Hong Kong.
By the way, if you’re an Orange, Vodafone or O2 user you can change your SMS settings on Twitter by going to the site and choosing Settings > Mobile