O2 dump PlayBook because they think it's rubbish (or just not the best)

playbookI for one like the PlayBook. I know I’m a minority but I think it does a lot of things very well, it’s a great size and very user friendly.

OK, so the fact that it doesn’t have a native email client or BBM and the fact that it forces you to own a BlackBerry is bad but it’s still a decent tablet… right?

Nope, wrong. Email and BBM are the reasons you buy a BlackBerry. Without them, all you have is a poor smartphone with no apps.

Of course my liking for it ignores these facts:

  1. It took way too long to get released,
  2. It’s about as good as an iPad never mind an iPad2,
  3. The name is really poor,
  4. They gave them away free to developers in a desperate attempt to get more apps created and;
  5. That they’ve already had to recall 1,000 of them because they’re faulty

I’m ignoring ALL of that.

Apparently the PlayBook is so bad that O2 don’t want to touch it. The idea selling the PlayBook is something that O2 don’t want to inflict on their customers, it’s that painful.

Here’s the statement they sent us:

We currently have no plans to release the BlackBerry PlayBook on O2 – we’ll continue to look at all RIM’s products to make sure we’re offering our customers a range of the best products on the market.

Ooh, ouch!! They’ll continue to check out RIM’s products to see if they’re good enough to sell.

They’re not planning to release it because they think it’s crap. There I said it.

The O2 bigwigs sat with the PlayBook in their office and, seriously, they thought “No email client or BlackBerry Messenger? Who’s gonna buy this??” To which another bigwig replied “Why should we sell it??”

And they aren’t / won’t. This is yet another nail in the PlayBook coffin as it is quickly becoming the tablet everyone is loving to hate.

Except for me. I like it.

A little bit, I wouldn’t buy one or swap an iPad for it.