Microsoft kills Encarta - So many memories

I remember doing my history homework over my friend’s house because he had Encarta back in 1996.

After looking at the human body for a couple of hours we got stuck into the magic of history coming alive through the computer. We were amazed at how much we learnt using Encarta and I got an A on my test!


OK, so that’s the nice version. The truth is I plagiarised the whole thing. I still got an A so I was happy. The morale of the story? Get Encarta and don’t rely on your friend.

So I did and now I work for writing about the death of Encarta. I’m genuinely sad. It helped me get an A on that History assignment but it wasn’t the reason I got this job, that would probably be Wikipedia.

And that, my friend, is where the demise of Encarta began. Had Microsoft acted quickly, maybe they could have saved Encarta and held Wikipedia off but alas Wikipedia is great and Encarta is dead.

So here is the WIkipedia page for The Human Body. I’d like to think there’s a kid out there checking it out before he starts his history homework.