Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 (RRP:£34.99)

Are you like the majority of the Computer Weekly office? Are you guilty – like us – of scoffing bagels at your desk, crumbs tumbling onto your keyboard, along with coffee slurps and splashes?
Or perhaps you are just fed up of the grime that hides annoyingly in the cracks between each key, and the dust that jumps up every time you depress the space bar? 
If either of the above sounds familiar, then this keyboard may be for you. Logitech have launched a washable keyboard in the US, soon to be available in Europe from October with a retail price of £34.99.
The durable K310 keyboard can be rinsed in water and features drainage holes to allow it to be easily dried. The key characters apparently won’t fade in the wash as they are laser printed with a UV coating – Logitech also claim that they can last up to five million key strokes.
Compatible with Windows, the keyboard has a familiar layout and is designed to be comfortable while including twelve hot keys for controlling media and accessing email and the web.
Other than messy office usage, the keyboard is ideal for restaurants, construction sites or garages – allowing the device to be thoroughly cleaned rather than replaced.
As a bit of a clean-freak, I’m looking forward to getting hold of one to test out – and watching the faces on fellow tea-makers as I rinse it off in the kitchen sink. 
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