Live: Download iPhone upgrade 3.1

Steve Jobs is up. He looks skinny and he’s talking about his liver transplant.

He’s thanking everyone for their help it’s quite sweet actually.

We’re now moving on to ‘music’ and that they have sold 30 million iPhones. They also have 75,000 apps with 1.8 billion downloads.

He’s just announced the iPhone 3.1 upgrade with the ‘Genius’ upgrade so it recommends apps from the apps store teh same way music is recommended to you.

Ringtones will also be added to the apps store for $1.29 (around 30,000 to be uploaded.

3.1 is available today.

I feel we’re gearing up to a nice big iPod announcement

UPDATED: We’ve just been shown how easy it is so organise your apps and manage music and content between your iPhone and your Mac. It’s literally as easy as drap and drop. Beautiful.

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