Live Apple Event: iTunes 9, Genius mixes, Home sharing and iTunes LP

Steve Jobs is now talking about iTunes 9 that will go live today. It integrates Genius in that it will create a playlist by recommending music to you depending on music you’ve already downloaded.

The Genius mixes create playlists and act like a ‘Radio station’.


Synching also gets an upgrade. It will synch your applications, movies and music between your iPod/iPhone which helps you manage your library.

Home sharing allows you to copy media from your home Mac to your other Macs and even your iPhone/iPod. It can even do this automatically.

The new iTunes store is revamped and cleaner too.

iTunes LP is asically a virtual album. So you get lyrics, album cover, information videos etc. It’s basically trying to get that whole ‘I buy albums cos I wanna hold them and smell them’.

UPDATED: We’ve now been shown the iTunes store. It’s a lot easier to preview and buy things. You can also share information on albums and songs on Twitter and Facebook. Not sure how useful that is but a nice touch anyway.

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