Live Apple Event: iPod and iPhone games (Assasins Creed 2)

We’re now back onto the iPod. They’re telling us how amazing the iPod and the iPod touches are.

20 million iPod touches sold to date and 30 million iPhones.

They’ve gone back to Genius again. You can just ask it to make a playlist for you and a mix. So basically it’ll encourage you to spend more money.

Apparently playing games on the iPod touch is better than a DS or a PSP. Errr… I don’t think so. It might be easier to buy games but it’s definately a crappier game, trust me.

I can’t see myself playing GTA on teh iPod, it’s just not good enough.

Don’t get me wrong the games are good but it (for the moment) doesn’t compare in my eyes. I’m insulted.

Ubisoft have taken to the stage talking about Assasins Creed 2. It looks like Prince of Persia. It looks like a good game. But I bet it’s better on a PSP.

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You're possibly right about action games, racing etc - but the iPhone version of Myst is pretty absorbing - the point and click adventure format works well on the touchscreen.