Lenovo K900 let out of its case

Lenovo has been toying with us gadget geeks for the past month, having announced its new sizeable smartphone – the Lenovo K900 – back at CES but not letting anyone get their paws on it. Instead it stood encased like Snow White with no fingerprint left on her as the onlookers stared.

Not so at Mobile World Congress. On the day before the trade show got into full swing, Computer Weekly managed to get a little hands on time with the device and grab a couple of pictures to show you it up close.
With a screen measuring 5.5″, it is clearly quite a large handset when compared to the market leaders. However, it still feels surprisingly light, weighing in at 162g. The Gorilla Glass screen of the K900 is very sharp and looks great running on Google’s Android 4.2 – or Jelly Bean – mobile OS.
But the most exciting thing about the K900 is it will be the first handset to boast Intel’s Atom dual core processor for smartphones, which the company is expected to announce in its own press conference tomorrow.
We didn’t get enough time with the handset to give it a full review but take a look at the pictures and see what you think. Although there isn’t a set release date yet, one of the Lenovo guys told us we could expect it in the second quarter of this year. 
Lenovo K900 front.jpg
Lenovo K900 back.jpg
Lenovo K900 side.jpg
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