Left 4 Dead 2 debuts on Mac, for five quid!

Online PC game buying system Steam came out for the Mac back in May and, since then, Valve have steadily been porting their titles over to the platform, including lauded FPS fun fests Portal and Half Life 2.
Today, the latest in the list went live – Left 4 Dead 2 (a game we declared our love for in a previous entry). But that’s not all… Oh no. In addition to all the existing L4D2  content, you also get the brand new add on campaign “The Sacrifice” – an expansion featuring characters from the original Left 4 Dead. Oh – and there’s also “No Mercy”, another add-on campaign Valve have just chucked in ‘cos they felt like it.
If you buy the PC version, you can install it on a Mac as well – for free – using SteamPlay.
As if that wasn’t all ace enough, the price has been slashed, SLASHED we tell you, to just £5.09 (from £14.99). Heck, you can even buy the four pack so you can frag zombies with your mates for £15.29. If you don’t already own the original Left 4 Dead, the best deal is the Left 4 Dead bundle – games 1 and 2 for £7.81.
Billed as a “midweek madness” offer, we’d rush to take Steam and Valve up on it – it won’t be around for long. And tell your colleagues you’re in meetings all afternoon. Meetings with mutant, homicidal zombies.