Kindle Coming to Mac?

The UK’s getting e-readers – the electronic books of tomorrow – at a slower rate than our American cousins.  We had to wait two years for the Sony Reader.  The Amazon Kindle can now be imported from the US after a similarly lengthy embargo – but with a feature set that’s not entirely UK compatible. The latest entry to the market, Barnes and Noble’s Nook was announced this week for US release in November. No news of a UK debut.
But the e-reader landscape might be about to change, with two bits of news leaking in the wake of last week’s Windows 7 launch.  Amazon are set to release a software version of the Kindle for Windows soon. That bit’s not the leak… it was formally announced on the 22nd of October and the pre sign-up page is already online. It’s the real deal and it’s worldwide.
Taking advantage of Windows 7 built in Touch Technology, you’ll be able to turn your netbook or laptop into a Kindle for free, sometime in November. The software enables you to download books from the Kindle store, just like Amazon’s e-reading device – though there may be some copyright related restrictions on content.
Now for the leaks.  It turns out that Mac users won’t be left out.  According to US business magazine  Fast Company, an Amazon exec let slip that an Apple version of the Kindle software is in the offing. This is doubly interesting considering the mounting buzz around Apple’s forthcoming, but as yet unconfirmed tablet.  
The clearest indication that it’s coming soon came via gossip blog Gawker this week, who posted YouTube footage of New York Times editor Bill Keller talking about the “impending Apple slate” during a speech to Nieman Journalism Lab. The newspaper has long been rumoured to be in content provision talks with Apple.
So – with space in my laptop bag at a premium – I have to ask myself which gadget am I more likely to tote around with me when these rumours stop being rumours? Would it be a Kindle, an e-reader with limited web access, or an Apple Slate, running free Kindle software, iTunes and Safari? If I were Amazon, I’d be a bit worried.