Juggle five USB devices simultaneously

How many USB devices do you have and how many ports are there on your computer? The answers are usually too many and not enough, in that order. Tottenham Court Road’s Inkino (I Never Knew I Needed One) is taking stock of the situation.
Travel Charger.jpg
From March 25 the company will have a five-port USB, mains-powered plug that will charge or power your gadgets wherever you are in the world – as long as they use UK, US, Asian or European socket standards.

“Aha,” you may say, “I can see only four ports in the picture.” Well done, Eagle-Eye, but what you missed is the extra miniUSB lead wrapped around the adaptor. There is also a cover that stops the miniUSB from unravelling in transit but leaves the standard ports available for use.

The unit costs £29.95 from Inkino.