I was wrong, the iPad is sheer genius

Sometimes old people get an idea fixed in their heads. I’m an old person and guilty of being swayed by pundits who were expecting Apple to produce a slate version of an iMac. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

People like myself have been missing the point about Apple’s iPad. It is vot it is, darlings – an entertainment device with a big screen. It really is an iPod Touch on steroids.

The omission of a camera has been criticised but that’s not important. Who would want to wave an iPad around to take pictures? Why would you want to make phone calls on a Nintendo Wii, take pictures on a Sony Playstation or type your novel on a Microsoft Xbox 360?

iPad.jpgAlthough the iPad is primarily an eBook reader with music and video players built-in, it shares many similarities to a games machine. If a Wii can do anything other than play games, it usually means forking out for a bit of hardware and nobody complains. Apple’s haunted picture frame comes without a physical keyboard. So what? If you want to type anything in, rather than peck at the on-screen keyboard, you can spend an extra $69 for a Keyboard Dock. The unit holds the iPad upright, recharges the unit, provides an audio output socket and replicates the Apple connector socket it uses on the iPad to allow other add-ons to be used simultaneously.

If you want a camera, you’ll have to wait for a third-party add-on which will stand separate from the iPad, possibly neatly linked by Wi-Fi. Yes, you can play games on it or do some limited business tasks using the current iPhone library or the dedicated iPad apps that are yet to appear.

I’m particularly annoyed with my inflexible thought proceses because I’ve long been a believer that the future computer is the thin client. I mean that in the sense of a client using browser interfaces linked to remote number crunchers in a data centre elsewhere on the planet. Maybe a future version of the iPad will deliver handwriting recognition and come with a keyboard dock, or a BlueTooth keyboard, and be able to output data to a memory card or USB disk. Maybe the current model could be powerful and flexible enough to deliver this with third-party help.

I’ve always envied Steve Jobs’ ability to deliver functional, innovative and eye-appealing products. I do hope he continues to recover from his current illness because he is Apple and the company would lose its spark without him – just as Microsoft seems to have lost its spark without Gates’ daily involvement. 

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I agree, I was wrong too! I had very strong ideas about the iPad and historically have been a firm believer that Microsoft and Google would out do Apple in the end. I have recently though purchased an iPhone 3GS 32GB after roughly 20+ years of sticking with Microsoft Windows and more recently Google. I NOW REALISE THAT I HAVE WASTED THOSE 20+ YEARS! If anyone is reading this and they still rate Microsoft and or Google over Apple, I urge you to get an Apple and (getting to the point) the iPad is all you will ever need if all you do is connect to Facebook, shop online and or read your emails - which, BE HONEST, is what most of the world's population does actually do these days! I would also go so far as to suggest Apple start an advertising campaign for the iPad which states they will give a full refund on any purchase if the user does not like it - I am that confident in the iPad and how it will perform. People that give the iPad a hard time simply have never used one!
Hookyfishy, You say, People that give the iPad a hard time simply have never used one! How many people do you know that have used one? At 700grams heavy it won't be easy for an old person to use or carry around for very long. I am 72 year old and find it easy to view my iphone touch on the buses and trains because it is very light and very portable. The portable ipad is far to big and heavy to be used out of doors, at least for the millions of weak and elderly persons. Now a five or seven inch ipod touch, without any other changes, would be a marvel and sell by the millions. Thank you. Derek.
My jailbroken iphone is probably the best piece of electronics I have in my house, I use it for basically everything, but the ipad is supposed to have so many more better apps.
This device although can be used outdoors, I would personally say it is not a device that has been created for this purpose.. For outdoor usablity you use what you mentioned your iphone/ipod... However in the house where people like yourselves would not like to experience your browser crashing.. having to reboot your pc to find some strange error.. being slow to load.. programs not working with strange errors and all the numeous problems people have with computers (I work as IT support engineer btw so i do this all day long).. this device eliminates all those issues.. so now you have a device in your house that you can simply surf the web and watch video's/images without carrying all the problems that PC will come with.. when its in your lap its really not to heavy to hold.
My ipod usb cord broke the 1 that comes with the ipod when you first buy it & i went to go buy a new one, i got home & when i tryed to download songs on my ipod it said on the usb cord with a little sticker only to charge ipod,i know how dum. So my question is how do you download songs onto a ipod using only a ipod charger?