HP announces four Windows 8 ready PCs

Four computers have been added to HP’s portfolio of Microsoft’s Windows 8 ready devices. You can expect the next few months to be full of vendors offering products taking advantage of the operating system which will be available from 26 October, but let’s have a look at the specs on these new PCs.

The HP Envy 23 and Envy 20 TouchSmart 
The HP Envy 23 and Envy 20 TouchSmart AiO PCs both offer 10-point multi-touch technology (which can sense up to ten fingers), designed specifically to work with Windows 8.
The HP Envy 23 and HP Envy 20 TouchSmart PCs offer 23 and 20 inch diagonal HD displays respectively, and are equipped with the latest Intel processors, optional ExpressCache and solid state drives (SSDs), with up to 3 terabytes of storage. The ExpressCache SSD option provides users with fast boot-up and application start times.
Additional features include, HP TrueVision HD webcam, HP Connected Photo, HP Connected Remote, and HP Connected Music, as well as Beats AudioTM.
Synching functions for photos and music will also allow customers to stream media from a smartphone to their PC, while HP Connected Backup allows customers to seamlessly access and automatically back up files online for every day search, retrieval and access.
Hp Envy20.jpg
Hp Envy23.jpg
The HP SpectreOne
The HP SpectreOne is the first AiO PC to join the HP Spectre portfolio. At 11.5mm, the HP SpectreOne is the thinnest AiO PC in HP’s portfolio, and claims to be one of the thinnest AiO PCs available on the market.
It features a 23.6 inch flush-glass full HD display and has a wireless trackpad with multitouch capabilities. However, surprisingly it does not fully take advantage of the new operating system like the above Envy products, which have touch screen functionalities. 
As well as the latest Intel processors, an NVIDIA 1-gigabyte graphics card, optional ExpressCache and optional SSD, it also delivers connectivity with HP’s TouchZone near-field communication (NFC) technology. With HP’s TouchZone NFC technology, users simply tap a smartphone or NFC tags on the base of the HP SpectreONE to instantly transfer content or login to the PC.
Hp Spect.jpg
The HP Pavilion 20
The HP Pavilion 20 PC is the value product of the four. A powerful non-touch AiO PC with a 20 inch diagonal HD display, HP TrueVision HD webcam, HP Connected Remote, HP Connected Photo and HP Connected Music. 
Hp Pav.jpg
All products are expected the hit the US later this autumn, with the HP Envy 23 TouchSmart and HP Envy 20 TouchSmart AiO PCs at starting prices of $999 and $799, respectively. While the HP SpectreOne is expected to cost $1,299 and the HP Pavilion 20 will start at $449.
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