Free iPhone - well, SIM free anyway

Playcom has been on a schmooze cruise to la continent to find a supplier of unlocked Apple iPhones. The result is a case or two of iPhone non-Réserve Spéciale.

The phones are not tied to any telecom company – I repeat, they are supplied unlocked and legal – so just slip in a SIM and off you go. Well, after you’ve paid £599.99 for the 16GB version or £549.99 for the 8GB.

The offer is the result of a bit of entente cordiale between and a continental supplier. The unnamed company has access to network-free iPhones because of EU legislation. In France, in particular, there is a law that allows network-locked phones only if there is also a SIM free version available. Apple has had to comply with this to allow it to enter the market and is using the loophole to import iPhones into the UK.

The iPhones carry a full warranty and can be registered with Apple to access App Store’ and its 30,000 applications.

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Unless you dearly love iRider, I would recommend moving on to something else. The main reason for this is that the iRider web site has been down at least since April. This means that there will be no bug fixes other than those for Internet Explorer that affect the Trident engine which they both share. Unfortunately, there is no browser i know of that has the same tabbing features. I've no idea why the site does not render properly. Not heard of this problem.