Duracell's LED Battery Bunny sculpture made from 'dead' batteries

According to Duracell, one third of discarded alkaline batteries away could still have 67% of usable power left inside. 
East London designer Dave Cranmer, created a 6ft 3inch Duracell Bunny light sculpture out of 1,500 recycled batteries and 45 reclaimed battery operated devices such as TV remotes, clocks and toys.
The Bunny weighs an impressive 56kg and is made out of 147m of steel rod. The sculpture, illuminated by 700 coloured LEDs, connect by half a kilometre of wire, was created to demonstrate that batteries which people think are ‘dead’ still have a fair bit of power left inside.
Check out the video of how the Bunny was made below.
How many batteries do you throw away a year? 
The Duracell Ultra Power battery offers a built-in power check which indicates how much power remains in the battery. 
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