Christmas gadget gift: Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e REVIEW

Often if you work from home or spend a lot of time working abroad, you want a hands-free device for conference calls, interviews or even video calling. 
This portable Logitech speakerphone allows you to make and take phone calls on your smartphone, which can connect via Bluetooth and, according to Logitech, is the first mobile speakerphone to offer connection via NFC. 
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Pairing your smartphone or tablet with the speakerphone is extremely easy. Enabling the device via Bluetooth is really simple, and pairing via NFC is even easier once you locate the NFC logo on the side of the speakerphone device. Just touch and confirm then BAM, it’s paired. 
The smart little gadget can provide up to 2 hours of calls with 15 minutes of charge, or up to 15 hours of talk time with 3 hours of charge, and the sound is extremely clear. The speakerphone has a series of lights on top of its smooth casing to indicate when it is searching for a Bluetooth device, when it is connected to a device, and when it is switching on or off. The top also slides back to reveal a handy stand, perfect for your smartphone or tablet.
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When your phone rings, you can use your handset to pick up the call or choose to use the speakerphone instead of the speakers on your handset. You can also use the answer and reject buttons on the speakerphone itself in order to connect the call. The device works with FaceTime on iPhone, and is also enabled for Microsoft Lync and Skype certified. 
The speakerphone has its own permanently attached power cable that folds away into a tidy underneath the device. This cable also acts as a USB connector so you can plug the device into a PC or Mac. As much as this is useful for storage, and allows you to charge the speakerphone via USB if you forget the plug adaptor, it needs to be a little easier to tidy away, as tucking the wire in so that the device sits flat on a table can prove difficult. 
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One minor annoyance I noticed when using the device was that when my iPhone was connected to it you could hear the tones and noises made by my phone during texting through the speakerphone, so I’d suggest turning the speakerphone off when not using it for calls. 
This handy little gadget comes with its own carrying case to make sure it doesn’t get damaged during transport. It’s the perfect present for anyone who works from home, travels for business, or doesn’t have a conference system in their office, and is available for around £129.99. 
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