Can your phone make you sexy?

rex_805243u.jpgCall me crazy but can a mobile phone make you sexy or at least more attractive?

I was sat on the train this morning looking out the window when a girl breezed past me with a beautiful scent. It caught my attention.

I looked at her and she was quite cute. My heart didn’t miss a beat or anything but she was attractive. After a couple of minutes she took out a palm pre.

I’m not kidding, the inner geek said ‘wow, you have to speak to this chick’. From then on i was besotted. She got off at the next stop which was a shame. But what would  i say? ‘hi, i see you have a pre’. She’d think i was a loser.

So anyway, regardless of what i’d say, the next time i see her i’m at least gonna say hi.

But on the flip side, what if the next time i see her she whips out a battered motorola? I’d be heart broken.

It’s sad but the same way girls want guys with cool cars, i want girls with cool phones. But i don’t want a girl that just got it cos ‘the guy in the shop said it was good’ i want her to say ‘i got it because the OS is amazing’. *drool*.

If she then says she’s trying to create a network between her ps3, pc and mobile. Then pull the plug readers because i’m in heaven.


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