CES 2015: LG launches curved G Flex 2 smartphone

Speaking to CES 2015 in Vegas, Frank Lee, head of LG mobile communications announced LG’s new smartphone the G Flex 2.

The unique selling point? It’s curved. Why is it curved? Well according to Frank it’s because telephones have always been curved. This makes them more comfortable and easy to use apparently.

Running Android 5.0 lollipop, Frank claims the phone is made to enhance “design, innovation and convenience” and does that through the mantra of “beauty on the outside and a beast within.”

And he’s not wrong either, the 5.5 inch screen’s shiny curves are extremely visually appealing, while the interior is powered by a Qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor for speed. 

Oh, and the phone also has a self healing back to prevent scratches, and can eliminate the appearance of scratches within 10 seconds of them occurring.

The screen is also more durable to avoid cracking, during videos of the drop test it looked like something about the curvature makes the phone bouncy.

Frank pointed out that the average smartphone user checks their phone every six minutes and so the G Flex 2 has a knock code and Knock on feature built in to provide summarised information to prevent having to fully unlock for every quick check.

The handset has a 1.5m camera designed for the all important selfie, and a prolonged battery life to last for out and about.

The handset can charge to 50% in 40 minutes, which is around half of the amount of time of a normal handset.

And to top it all off it looks like it also comes in a lovely red colour.