Buffalo Powerline 500AV Adapter

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For a small to medium business having trouble with Wi-Fi connections, this is a problem which can actually stop you dead in your tracks, or at least make you much less mobile than you would like to be.

If you have a conference room that isn’t able to connect to the network or your office space might be on different levels causing connectivity issues, the solution can become costly and disruptive.

I had a similar situation at home, where my home router was just not powerful enough to travel a distance of several metres through walls and upstairs. The Buffalo Powerline Adapter came to the rescue, no need to drill holes and extend cables, or even buy a stronger router.

This solution was definitely a “plug-in-and-go” product. The box comes with two chunky units: use the Ethernet cable to plug from your router into the first unit and then plug it straight into the wall, I then took the second unit upstairs and plugged it into a second outlet. Within two minutes I was streaming HD content in areas of the house which were previously complete blackspots.

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The units both come with individual access codes, so theoretically it can act like setting up a guest network for your business.

The technology runs the internet at top speeds of 500 Mbps through the home electricity grid – pretty clever if you ask me. And the whole solution couldn’t be easier to set up.

At a price of 46.99 including VAT, it is a very cheap answer to your connectivity woes.

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