BlackBerry Bold 9780... let's see what all the hype's about!

Yesterday I finally stepped into the world of Smartphones & received my brand-spanking-new BlackBerry Bold 9780, after receiving recommendations from fellow BB users.

Now, I’m not a complete smartphone novice – I’ve played around with many an iPhone before, the occasional BlackBerry….my son has a Nokia (much to his annoyance).

I went for the BB simply because – it’s cheaper! I’m a big Apple lover, and I did feel a twang of betrayal opting for the BB; but I’m not regretting it.

First off – it’s pretty easy to get the hang of, the keypad’s taking a while to get used to (can’t imagine it’d be great if you have big fingers!) but the new trackpad is nicer to use than the previous ball

The camera’s a nice healthy 5MP with 2x digital zoom, flash, video recording and plenty more options that I haven’t yet had chance to play with… talking of which – usually by this point (a whole day later) I’m bored with my new phone in regards to what extras it has to offer, not this time – the Bold 9780 comes with Texas Hold ‘Em Poker! (note to self: never chase a Flush!).

The Wi-Fi & 3G make browsing/emailing/social networking a doddle (pretty speedy!) and the apps I’ve seen so far look great. Other extras include a media player that accepts various formats, a pretty long battery life (guess I’ll find out nearer the weekend), a high-resolution 480×360 pixel colour display, 512 MB onboard memory with an additional 2GB media card and to top it all off – you get to choose between black or white!….in my opinion the white looks like a child’s toy, but then I’m picky. It’s pretty light too – 4.3oz / 122g.

The main downsides for me are:

  1. The ear phones they supply with it are rubbish, but then that’s a given.
  2. I can see myself getting slightly addicted to the Poker game that’s on it.
  3. Well, it’s not an iPhone. The latter becoming less of an issue with time.

An obvious plus is BlackBerry messenger which is probably the most popular mobile instant messaging service around and is incredible easy and incredibly addictive!

Lastly, this new model comes with BlackBerry 6…get in!! Okay, I’ll be honest – I have no real idea what this is, other than it “stimulates my senses” according to the BB website. Not quite sure what to make of that, but I’ll keep you posted!