Apple iPhone OS3.0 Preview

Apple held a press conference today, primarily it would seem to introduce the Dev community to the new features they have devlioped for OS3.0 for the iPhone, but it was a good oppurtunity for the random Joe to see what will be available in June for the upgrade.

So they finally decided to add cut and paste, in a very nifty touch screen friendly way, but there is more.

MMS wil be supported, as will superior push technology – something that is needed as you can’t flip through apps without the app stopping, which is no good if you are using an IM client, for example.

Lanscape typing is going to be supported, which will be a welcome relief to those of us who have sausage fingers, and this will be supported in all major apps. There’s a nifty search feature called Spotlight coming in (sounds familiar?).

In Application buying to bolt on extras is becoming available.

Also on the horizon is voice memos and peer to peer connections – useful for a quick game on the train home from work.

What also looks very promising is the ability for developers to add functionality to accessories added to the iPhone, one example of this was a blood pressure application, and also an app for diabetes blood sugar testing. No sign of the groovy tricorder function all iphone users are yearning for…yet.

The upgrade will be rolled out in June, the Beta is available for devs now, and the upgrade is free for all iPhone users, and will cost $9.99 (UK price TBA) for iPod Touch users. the upgrade will be available for all iPhones, but with a slightly limited functionality for 1st gen iPhone users.

All in all it looks pretty impressive, as usual, or am I biased?

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When is apple going to add picture texting and text fowarding. I thought it should be easy to start with the basic and then add the future. I know friends who changed their iphones because they lack these features.
I have to say, I thought that Apple were over doing it a bit by calling a press conference for apps but having seen the new apps that are gonna be available I think they have thrown down the gauntlet once again. And I hate Macs.
Hey Sue! MMS is going to supported on the iPhone from OS3 - good news!
Please can the iphone allow to forward text messages, save draft messages and improve the camera features. Thanks
And I hate Macs I presume you're in therapy now to overcome this distressing disability?
Seriously poor grammar in this article. Anyway, great news! Faisal, if you hate Mac's you've evidently never used one, at least properly.
Is anybody as upset as I am that they are adding a video camera, or even video calling? I feel like this time around they really should have dome something about one of the two.