Apple Shuffle speaks to me

So Apple have announced a new Shuffle that will has a VoiceOver function says the names of songs, artists and playlists. It’s fluent in 14 languages.

The new Shuffle will hold up to 1,000 songs on a 4gb flash drive and is around the size of a battery. Apple says the battery will last up to 10 hours.


It will go on sale some time this week and will be priced at $79.

I’m quite interested to find out how it’ll work. I can’t help but think it’s gonna be really annoying. You’re usually trying to drown out voices (inside and outside your head) not add to them.

I still think they could’ve just added a small screen and this is Apple trying to be too clever. Then again other micro mp3 players do not have a screen or this function (but they’re probably a lot cheaper).

Still, let’s give Apple some credit for trying something different.

Image: Apple

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