4oD makes it onto the iPhone

Following in the footsteps of Sky, and the Sky Go app, Channel 4 have brought the 4oD TV catch-up service to the iPhone. 

Yey! Ultimate access to Come Dine With Me.  

The app, which is free, is already available on the iPad but now it has finally made it onto the iPhone.


Programmes from Channel 4, E4 and More4 will be made available to watch, however there are restrictions on US shows and there isn’t access to the Channel 4 archive. 

Although, Nice Agency, who designed the app, and Channel 4 say they are working to bring more content to the new venture.

The iOS catch-up service from Channel 4, which only works over a Wi-Fi connection, has beaten BBC iPlayer onto the iPhone but, with an iPlayer app already out for the iPad, it shouldn’t be long before iPhone owners can enjoy compelling classics like Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show on the Apple devices.


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The BBC has had a working iPhone version of the iPlayer for the last few years however not as an app but as a standard website. Some could argue that BBC iPlayer is better than others which involve having to download and install an app and chew the few MB of space on your iPhone as well as utilising the bultin QuickTime software allowing you to connect to a External device (TV etc...) which Channel 4, Channel Five and ITV do not allow you to do. In fact the BBC was the 1st and only UK TV company with Catch Up TV on the iPhone for a very ling time