You couldn't make it up

First we had Top Secret Al-Qaeda analyses left on a train out of Waterloo… then financial crime plans left on a train back into Waterloo… (and all I found on my Waterloo train this week was an unexploded gym kit – somehow I feel short changed)… now Hazel Blears’ constituency office admits to the loss of a laptop containing “a combination of constituency and government information which should not have been on it.”

Anyone stupid enough not to have noticed the string of data loss incidents in the past six months, and the consequences for the individuals concerned, frankly deserves to be tarred and feathered and pilloried in Whitehall. Actually, why don’t we propose a pillory for the ’empty’ plinth in Trafalgar Square, reserved exclusively for anyone who’s ignored the Manual of Protective Security? It would make a good installation piece…

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I was about to write that you'd be short of tar and feathers, but then realised you may have found the answer to Trafalgar Square pigeon problem as well :-)