The Vote on MPs' Expenses

Tomorrow the House of Commons will vote on a statutory instrument to exempt MPs from declaring their detailed personal expenses. This is a disgraceful sidestepping of Freedom of Information laws that will undermine trust in our democratically elected representatives. Campaign website enoughsenough has put it very well indeed.

There’s still time to make your voice heard. They Work For You provides an online tool that will enable you to contact your MP today, so get writing quickly!

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I think its disgusting that MPs are claiming so much in thier expenses and trying to hide the fact. In addition some of the MPs are quite clearly making fraudulent claims which is theft. If a member of the public did this they would be sacked, lose thier pension and be taken to court for fraud. This should be the penalty for all MPs caught doing this. I believe very strongly that everything should be made transparent and if that means sacking everyone and looking at a different way to govern the country then so be it. I think that the tax office should set up a department to go through the last four years of every singel MP's tax and expense claims and everything be made public. These people have a responsibility to the public to do the job they are employed to do not cream off money from the people. Otherwise we are just living in a country governed by a group of corrupt individuals out of touch with whats really going on at the public level who line thier pockets and then claim diplomatic immunity. NO MORE!!!!!!!!!