The Convention on Modern Liberty

I’d like to draw your attention to one of the most important civil liberties events of this – or any other – year. The Convention on Modern Liberty is a series of events running around the UK this Saturday 28th February. The main event is in London, but there are additional events in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester. The list of speakers is stellar in nature – well over 100 names that include Billy Bragg, Shami Chakrabarti, Simon Davies, David Davis MP, Brian Eno, Helena Kennedy QC, Henry Porter, Feargal Sharkey, and a host of other experts, commentators and concerned citizens.

The sheer scale and support for this event is a demonstration of the strength of concern about the continued assault on civil liberties in the UK, and I suspect is only the beginning of a much stronger public movement to defend freedoms. Unfortunately tickets for the main London event have sold out, but you can still get into the regional events if you’d like to lend your support.

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The Cambridge Convention venue has a capacity of around 400, and is easily reached from King's Cross by rail in about an hour. Directions, and the local programme, are posted here: From 2pm to 3:30pm we'll be debating the motion "This House believes its Civil Liberties are under grave threat". All welcome! Andrew Watson Cambridge CML Coordinator