Sensible guidance for school sports days

In a world where it’s quite possible for minors to be arrested for taking pictures of parades on Armed Forces Day, parents go crying to the press when their children are accidentally phtographed playing naked in a public place, and sooner or later we’ll all get nicked for looking at a policeman in a funny way, it’s good to see the Information Commissioner’s Office providing some timely and useful guidance on the acceptability of taking pictures of your child’s school sports day.

For the avoidance of doubt: if you are taking photos for your personal use (as opposed to commercial/official photos) then the Data Protection Act does not apply. If a jobsworth tells you that you cannot do so because of the DP Act, then they are wrong. Carry a copy of the guidance note and stick it under the nose of anyone who says otherwise. It would be a great shame if all our schoolday memories looked like this…


The 100 yard dashing around like a headless chicken race…