STBO: We don't trust organisations with our personal data

Ian’s published an interesting piece on the breakdown in consumer trust of how our data is managed by organisations. There is, of course, an element of Statin’ The Bl**din’ Obvious about this, but it’s good to see some figures around the fact that consumer awareness of data loss incidents and the subsequent threat of identity theft is rising. There is of course the minor issue that I’ve yet to hear of a data loss incident leading to full-blown identity theft – government and commercial obfuscation generally means that they classify any identity-related incident (even VAT carousel fraud) as ID theft, when it’s nothing of the sort.

For a while I’ve used the following slide to test the mood of conference audiences before I wade in with a wrong approach. In every single case I get a unanimous show of hands that they’ve become increasingly concerned about their privacy – even those who are adamant that they sit in the ‘nothing to hide, nothing to hear’ camp. I, meanwhile, have been fashioning a very fetching cap out of bacofoil…

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