More on "The Identity Commissioner speaks - and drops the Home Office in it"

I wrote on the topic of the appointment of the new Identity Commissioner, and since then a comment has literally flooded in. I’m indebted to a spokesman for the Home Office, who writes:

Today’s Computer Weekly blog entitled ‘The Identity Commissioner speaks – and drops the Home Office in it’ does not contain a comment from the Home Office.

Please could you include the following comment.

A spokesman for the Identity and Passport Service said: “The appointment of the Identity Commissioner was conducted in accordance with the principles and standards for public appointments which included public advertisement and the use of an executive recruitment agency.”

That’s certainly put my mind at rest, and I’m of course happy to correct my original article. I’m delighted to know that the rules were followed to the letter in the same way as they were when MPs claimed their expenses, HMRC tried to send CDs to DWP, and we went to war with Iraq.

Over to you, Cyril

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In a spirit of openness, would the Home Office spokesman care to answer these questions immediately, to save us all having to wait the statutory 20 working day maximum for FOI requests, as the Home Office usually does: If the spokesman would like to answer here, I'd be happy to mark the WhatDoTheyKnow FOI request as closed.