More on Phorm

“Mark Thompson” has commented on the previous short item on ‘Phiting Dirty,’ and I think his comment merits a blog item in its own right. I’ve reproduced his text below:

This new ‘smear’ website Phorm have setup is a complete disgrace. It is an attack on private individuals the likes of which I wouldn’t expect from a company trying to convince people to trust them with their internet browsing history.

As the person who created the petition against Phorm on the 10 downing street website I can certainly prove that the section on this website about the petition is completely wrong. They portray the petition as something that was thought up by ‘Privacy Pirates’ (Whatever that means ?), claim it desecrates the long history in this country of petitions and then claim the petition was completely missleading by infering that Phorm was illegal.

Ok, so to set the record straight, I created the petition myself as a private UK citizen. I have had no contact with any other ‘Privacy Pirates’ when creating the petition, it was never worded in such a way as to cause anything missleading about Phorm or the Privacy issue. If you read the text of the petition it does NOT state that Phorm is illegal, it petitions the government to investigate Phorm, and IF found to be illegal then ban it’s use, as well as asking for a review of privacy laws. I have had very little to do with most of the campaign against Phorm, other than creating the petition and posting a couple of vids on youtube to get the word out. I’ve never met or spoken to any of the named ‘Privacy Pirates’ such as Alex Hanff, and the petition was certainly not created as some organised attempt at damaging Phorm.

Sorry to bang on about the petition, but if Phorm have got it so wrong about this one particular section, it leaves me wondering how wrong have they got all the other information on this website?

I hope Phorm see sense, I would like to see nothing more than the website pulled and replaced with a public apology to those people named and insulted on the website, as well as an apology for insinuating that I attempted to desecrate the very principle of petitioning. I was simply exercising my right as a UK citizen to petition my Government on an issue I felt was important (and it turned out over 20,000 other people thought so too). For Phorm to characterise it the way they have with this website, well it is just plain insulting and I think it shows the true nature of the company.

[Disclaimer: I don’t know Mark and have not verified his remarks. If Phorm wish to comment then I’ll happily publish subject to the same rules applied to all comments here]