If you're planning to lie, at least try to be convincing

New Forest District Council has been rapped by the Information Commissioner for posting up personal information on its planning website. The problem is not new, and a number of councils have been warned about this in the past. However, having been warned before about this, New Forest’s response to the criticism was: “… signatures and other unique information are not now available for public scrutiny”.

Out of interest, I went to their planning portal, punched in a postcode and pulled down the documents from a random applications. Guess what? There’s the signature, together with all the other personal information. In the very first document I downloaded. So, is the New Forest District Council lying, or do they not understand their own system? Let’s hope the enforcement notice is in Monday’s post – because I’m off to steal a pony’s identity.


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Protection of sensitive information The Chief Executive of New Forest District Council, Dave Yates said: “Local authorities are statutorily required to make certain information available for public scrutiny and have been encouraged, particularly in the area of planning and the planning process, to put as much detail as possible on the web. “However, with the growing public concern in respect of identity theft, from 2006, all signatures, personal email addresses and telephone numbers have been removed from the planning website. In respect of information received from August 6, 2008, this removal policy has been extended to all areas of the council’s website “When anyone makes a statutory application, or submits representations in respect of one, that information in its entirety has by law to be available for public inspection. “Whilst some individuals, understandably, are concerned about their details being published, this has to be balanced against the council’s duties to the wider public.” -ends- September 1, 2008 For more information on the work of New Forest District Council visit: www.newforest.gov.uk Contact: David Atwill, Tel: 023 8028 5142 Email: david.atwill@nfdc.gov.uk
Sorry David. I appreciate the willingness to engage, but you've completely lost me there. You say "from 2006, all signatures, personal email addresses and telephone numbers have been removed from the planning website." Except for the signatures that haven't? Try taking a look at the following applications: 06/87748 06/86966 06/88625 07/89411 07/90697 (I thought hard about whether to reference specific documents containing personal information, but frankly there are so many in the system it makes little difference - it only took me a few minutes to find those). So, any comment from NFDC?
Toby - they are STILL visible. Signatures, phone numbers etc. Not sure if it's the Chief Exec lying or incompetent staff. This must be one to flag with the Information Commissioner. Another example of bureacrats who have no regard for people's personal information.
If as Mr atwill says that the data has been removed from the new forest district council website (NFDC), then why have I just in the last few minutes found 5 peoples personal data, ie name, address, security data (photos of entry to someones home), their email address & phone numbers etc? The council are complete idiots & are not fit for purpose. The data protection is NON existent ie not 100% effective at removing peoples private data. This council has disclosed some of my private health data, so private that only my GP should know, however the council are also advertising my health data AGAINST MY consent! I have asked the council to remove the data on the council website. however the council reaction? They ignore my lawful data protection requests to remove data that they have NOT permission to disclose onto the internet! Even the information commissioners office has ruled that this council are in breach of the data protection act in June 08! Yet the council has clearly forgotten this ruling as the council are STILL to this day (20th Oct 2008) putting peoples personal data onto the Internet, despite saying to the people affected that they would not disclose personal data onto the website. Are the council so incompetent or are they lying to the public? How hard is it for the council to solve this problem with illegally disclosed data appearing on their website? Simple... shut down their website until they can be sure that the council are legally compliant with the FULL data protection act 1998! The new forest district council are morally bankrupt!
thats nothing look at these planning application on this link see page 6 of the form on the link! See for your self what the incompetent council is doing! (correct at the time of entry on 22nd Oct 08). http://web3.newforest.gov.uk/images/planningimages/99200_1.pdf
The new forest district council buffoons disclosed my friends health data online & refuse to remove it from the council website! Not the actions of a professional council, more like the actions of a council that violates the data protection act 1998! Only my friends GP should know some of the health data that the new forest district council has put onto their council website without permission!