Identity goes mainstream

The Economist is carrying an interview with Microsoft’s Kim Cameron, their Identity Architect and the powerhouse behind Windows Cardspace. Kim is quite possibly the most influential identity expert in the world, so if the Economist is profiling his work, then we should hopefully see identity issues go mainstream for business executives.

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Well spotted, Toby. Good Economist piece. I was interested to see that the article mentioned 'phishing'. I was at a security event the other week, where one of the speakers said he'd mentioned the 'phishing' threat in an interview, and the reporter had given him a blank look. Sometimes, we assume that everyone is au fait with these terms. They're not, despite what we think. Maybe we still need to use an everyday word - and not one that has a more common angling connotation - that everyone can understand. I enjoyed the article's use of 'grandiose' as a delicious one-word put down of UK e-government projects. Ouch!