Identity and Privacy 2009 - what to expect

Next week beings the first Identity & Privacy Forum. Our keynote speaker this year is the Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas. We also have a host of experts from the fields of privacy, identity, security and biometrics.

The conference will be held on 14th and 15th May 2009, sponsored by Consult Hyperion with support from HP, Microsoft, Symantec, Verisign and VoicePay. The Forum will be held at the Guoman Charing Cross Hotel, London, and will be structured around four sessions – ‘online identity’, ‘privacy and consent’, ‘sharing front line experiences’ from the public sector and ‘catching up with biometrics’ – together with interactive expert panel discussions.

Why are we kicking off this new Forum? Well, for some years the Digital Identity Forum and EPG have been running their own events every year and usually only a week or two apart. We’ve noticed that the overlap between the events – in terms of subjects, speakers and delegates – has been growing year-on-year, so we decided to get together and focus our efforts on one event that inherits both traditions: debate, discussion and learning in a relaxed atmosphere, mixing technology, business and policy to try and create new ideas, new breakthroughs in identity management for the 21st century.

We have only a limited number of seats for this event, and a small pool of FREE TICKETS. Please contact me directly if you’re interested in joining us at the event.

[Please excuse the blatant plug – but this is a not-for-profit event with any profits going to charity]