IPS launches Public Panel and Experts Group

The Identity and Passport Service has just launched a Public Panel and Experts Group. In their words:

The Public Panels will provide an opportunity for IPS to have a conversation with the public and listen to the concerns and views of people in relation to identity cards.

The Experts Group will provide an independent perspective to inform the development of the NIS.

Independent experts will:

  • Provide clarity where there may be ambiguity and will help the Public Panel understand the detail
  • Challenge the thought process through the review and analysis of policies and process
  • Provide alternative solutions through reasoned opinions
  • Provide a credible and independent view that will serve to enhance and strengthen our direction
  • Provide an opportunity for experts across disciplines to share knowledge and further their understanding

These groups are the product of the Identity Rights team, which have been notable for their engagement with stakeholders at times when the rest of IPS have been very quiet. Anyone is eligible to apply for either group, and applications will open on 23rd September.

[Declaration of Interests: The Enterprise Privacy Group was commissioned by IPS in 2008 to assist with stakeholder engagement, a contract which closed earlier this year]