Good News Week

I’ve noticed a somewhat grumpy trend in my blogs over recent months: the problem is that there’s so much to grumble about. Public sector appears to be in meltdown with accusations of ministers pursuing a ‘scorched earth’ policy in the build-up to the election, vendors milking the last drops they can before the government finally notices the money’s run out, and the Chancellor trying to paper over the cracks with tiny little budget cuts here and there. Outside of government we also see privacy, security and identity failures, but market forces tend to correct them pretty quickly. All these problems make writing ‘bad news’ stories about as tough as shooting really big fish in a really small barrel.

So, my resolution for the New Year will be to run a week of ‘good news’ stories. I want to celebrate the unsung successes in delivering user-centric, privacy-friendly, secure systems that arrive on-time, on budget, and meet everyone’s expectations. Heck, I may even gift a pair of Xmas socks to the winner.

Please could you nominate winners in the comments below? I’m not interested in off-the-shelf vendor products that happen to do the job well, but public-sector or bespoke commercial systems (no matter how big or small) that have understood and upheld the users’ wishes in the handling of personal information. Hopefully we’ll get sufficient nominations to make this into a regular thing – and to give you a break from the normal irritable service…