Garlik honoured as technology pioneers at Davos

Privacy protection pioneers Garlik have been recognised for their innovation at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The powerhouse behind Garlik* is Tom Ilube, former CTO of online bank Egg. He and a team that includes the likes of Professor Nigel Shadbolt, Simon Davies and the greatest living Englishman Sir Tim Berners-Lee, have created a service that allows Internet users to monitor their online and offline identity profile. What’s important is Garlik’s ability to monitor changes in that information and to alert users if something seems out of sorts, suggesting the early stages of identity-related fraud. Oh, and it’s quite fun to see who holds what on you.

This award is important since it acknowledges the growing importance of identity protection, privacy and user-centric services. When the most senior finance wonks in the world recognise that this matters, we’re seeing a change for the better.

* In the interest of transparency, Garlik are Members of the Enterprise Privacy Group, and I’m a customer of Garlik.