EnCoRe - Ensuring consent and revocation

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council and the Technology Strategy Board have announced a substantial investment in three privacy research projects, one of which is EnCoRe – Ensuring Consent and Revocation. This £3.6m project will, over the next three years, help businesses and Government adopt scalable, cost–effective and robust consent and revocation methods for controlling the use, storing, locating and sharing of personal data.

This is an exceptionally important area of research, since at present we lack simple, universal models to express consent in a meaningful way when we hand over data. The consequences of this include organisations using blanket privacy policies that offer no real protection, and individuals with-holding or misrepresenting data in order to gain access to services because they’re concerned about how their data might be misused.

Expect to see good results from this piece of work – the research team includes the likes of Prof Sadie Creese from Warwick University, Dr Edgar Whitley at the LSE, and Pete Bramhall of HP Labs – all heavy hitters in the privacy space.

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