DotGovLabs opens for business

If you’re an innovator with public service delivery ambitions, then you may wish to take a look at DotGovLabs – DirectGov’s Innovation Hub which brings together 1,600 SMEs, entrepreneurs and innovators looking at how digital can help solve social challenges. Part of the government’s Skunkworks programme, the Innovation Hub aims to help government to engage with experts in digital delivery.

The Innovation Hub was, until recently, only open to invited participants, but now that a critical mass of users has been reached, it’s been opened up to anyone who wishes to register.

Declaration: I have no connection with DotGovLabs other than being a registered user.

(Please excuse the lack of posts in recent months. I’ve been heavily involved with aspects of the new cross-government identity assurance initiative, which has taken up all of my time. I’m hoping to be in a position to talk about that programme very soon).