DWP Announces First Identity Assurance Providers

The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) has announced the first seven Identity Providers (IDPs) who will be eligible to provide consumer-facing services within the government’s new Identity Assurance Programme (IDAP). IDAP will be critical to the delivery of DWP’s flagship Universal Credit programme, so that individuals can engage with the Department online, by phone, and face-to-face, without the need to prove who they are every time they try to transact.

The selected IDPs include:

  • Cassidian
  • Digidentity
  • Experian
  • Ingeus
  • Mydex
  • Post Office
  • Verizon

Many of these bidders will be acting as prime bidders into the framework, with sub-contractors providing specific components of their solutions, and it is possible that their IDP services might be delivered under partners’ brands to ensure that they are attractive and recognisable for consumers.

The selected IDPs have not been awarded guaranteed IDAP work: at this stage they are on the framework for IDAP services, and will now need to compete within forthcoming call-off competitions which will fix the price to be paid by DWP for their services (DWP anticipates paying selected IDPs a fixed fee per registered customer per annum). Those IDPs who are able to deliver within the call-off will then develop their solutions in preparation for a test phase in August 2013, and the first pilot project in October 2013.

The IDPs also face the significant challenge of collaborating to form a delivery Scheme, which will provide the necessary contractual framework to ensure self-regulation and interoperability, and enable external certification of IDP services against defined standards through tScheme. The Scheme will also provide a shared branding (in much the same way that Visa or Mastercard do for payment cards) so that consumers can easily recognise a certified IDP service.

The selected IDPs represent the first tranche of providers, acting as pathfinders for a wider identity assurance market. Their exclusivity to deliver IDP services on behalf of DWP will last for just eighteen months (although DWP’s contracts are expected to run for four years), after which time DWP is able to bring further IDPs into the framework, most likely under the aegis of the Scheme developed by the first IDPs.

It is also anticipated that HMRC will come to market for IDP services in 2013, and the Revenue hosted a public consultation with potential IDPs over the summer. Whilst HMRC has committed to work within the overall IDAP approach, it is likely that they will require services not defined within the DWP framework (e.g. business identity assurance), and potentially wish to use a different incentivisation model from DWP, and for that reason it is widely expected that a fresh competition to select further IDPs will be held early next year.

Over the coming weeks we will be reporting on aspects of IDAP delivery which have until now been undefined or subject to confidentiality agreements; if you have specific questions about the programme please post them in the comments section and we will focus upon them in future pieces.

(Declaration of Interest: I have been supporting Post Office’s ID Assurance work)

(Edited 13/11/12 to amend an incorrect statement about provision of services in different delivery channels).