An experiment in location transparency

Please excuse the lack of posts recently – I’ve been preparing for an experiment in locational privacy. On 12th June I will set off from John O’Groats to cycle 1,000 miles to Land’s End in aid of Help for Heroes. Every moment that could have been used for blogging has instead been taken up with cycle training. I’ll be wearing a satellite tag so that you can follow my progress at If you can sponsor me then I’d be extremely grateful!

As for privacy, it’ll be interesting to see what it’s like to have my movements tracked for 10 days. For anyone following Please Rob Me, don’t get your hopes up, the house will be full of people whilst I’m away…

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Are you still cycling or have you updated us on your progress? I would be interested in how your ride went and whether you found the satellite tag intrusive to your privacy. I don't imagine it would as you were aware it is taking place - I think many people are unaware of the extent to which they are tracked/trackable through their mobile phones or vehicles (e.g. long distance lorry drivers with anti-theft tracking devices monitoring their every move). In any case I think is an excellent cause to support. Legal Accelerator
The ride finished a week ago, and I have to say that in a situation like that the tag was positively welcome. Friends and family were able to track my progress even when I was out of mobile coverage or didn't have the time to call or blog. Far from being intrusive, it gave a great sense of security. BUT: that was because I was away from home, doing something slightly daft, and constantly moving. I don't like switching the SPOT on when I'm at home, since it starts giving away meaningful personal information. I appreciate that happens with mobile phones, but the difference here is that the SPOT is set to broadcast (it can operate privately), and my location is there for all to see. Anyway, £2582 in the pot for HfH, so it was worthwhile!