A very confusing survey?

The BBC is covering a survey commissioned by StrongMail, in which the company claims that “one in five [marketing professionals] said they had given out credit card details, one in seven would reveal information about customers political affiliations, and one in 10 would disclose their religious beliefs.”

Now I appreciate that the marketing profession hasn’t always had a good press, and that as with any profession there will always be a few mavericks, but surely the efforts of DMA and Chartered Institute of Marketing have achieved more than that? I’m going to remain very sceptical indeed about the sample of “marketing and data protection executives at 900 firms” since these are, by definition, very different job roles. Furthermore, it’s sadly uncommon to encounter such a thing as a “data protection executive,” since the role more normally sits at a junior level.

The only reported part that feels right is that “nearly 90% of these said the incidents had not been reported to customers.” That bit rings true.

I’d very much like to see StrongMail’s source data when it becomes available.