Training for the future

A guest blog by Matthew Poyiadgi, european vice president at CompTIA

Training vs Experience? Surely both.

Over five blogs, I will discuss some of the challenges that the IT industry faces in training for the present and future based on CompTIA’s conversations with the IT industry. But to start with, I want to answer the question ‘do we need training at all?’

It’s probably unsurprising to hear that I think we do. But I come across plenty of people who say things like ‘experience is all that counts’ or ‘why do we need so many certifications?’

Yes, experience does count, but only for so much. IT is a huge subject and advancing or transitioning means learning new skills. Companies have expertise in house, but if they want to use IT to expand or sell in new areas, they need to bring in new skills. This means either training, or hiring people who have been trained and certified.

There are so many certifications because IT is varied and different people need different skills. As technology develops, new courses will be launched, old ones updated, and some will fall by the wayside. Industry certifications are designed to assess the skills that industry says it needs. If there is no need they will not be developed. The question is not ‘are there too many’, it’s ‘which is right for me?’

You’d expect your doctor to regularly update his skills, so why not IT? After all, IT is changing at least as fast as medicine, probably quicker. Your customers, like a doctor’s patients, will want to work with the best.

Matthew will open CompTIA’s EMEA Member Conference on the 9th November in London. The conference will offer insights based on three tracks – The IT Channel, Learning & Development, and Training & Certification.